Annual Togo Snowmobile Derby and Irondog Vintage Derby another success

The Togo Centennial Committee sponsored its annual snowmobile derby and, again this year, received some “pretty awesome feedback about the whole day.”

"You've done a great job here today," was one comment repeatedly heard by organizers from the riders, some who arrived from long distances, “to travel our trails and support our event.”

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The weather and snow conditions were also commented on by riders who appreciated the somewhat milder temperatures and the fresh “powder” snow, especially noted by returning riders who were pleased with the conditions, and new riders who commented they’ll “be back next year.”

“There are many dedicated volunteers who work behind the scenes to help make this event happen,” said Amanda Burback, an organizer. “We are grateful to each and every volunteer from those who make the trails, to those who sit at the registration tables and are the welcoming faces of the event.

“There are riders from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba that came out to enjoy our north trail, south trail and Irondog trails. Some are first time riders, and some are return riders.

“Almost 200 sleds registered for the derby, and rode these trails. But this number doesn't include those riders who enjoyed our trails before the event, and those riders who will enjoy the trail for long after, which we feel is totally awesome,” said Burback.

“The committee wishes to acknowledge Jeff Airriess, Albert Konowalchuk, Doug Laviolette, Curtis Stone, Darren Rands, John Bailey, Pete Mysko, Tom (‘the English Guy’) Longthorne, and Devon Burback for taking the time to make our trails, and for your dedication to our event.”

Connie Barrowman, Donna Airriess, Tiffany Stone, Loretta Erhardt, Kate Erhardt, Mike and Krysta Ruf and Amanda Burback were the “front line” volunteers who organized and followed through with registrations, totalling hands, counting money, calculating winnings, and then drawing names for all the raffle prizes. 

“This group does lots of writing, lots of counting, and even more smiling,” Burback said.   

Wayne Airriess provided fuel for the riders. “Even though most participants come with a full tank, there are those who ride to our venue, and need a top up to continue on. It is a convenience that we all appreciate,” said Burback.

Donna Airriess, Amanda Burback, and Trudy Lockhart had spent the last month collecting raffle prizes from all the local sponsors. 

“The people and businesses that our committee counts on for generous donations are spread out over Yorkton, Kamsack, Togo, Roblin, and everywhere in between,” said Burback. “It takes time, but is worth it. 

“We acknowledge our sponsors who donate items to our raffle table. The hundreds of people who passed through our registration room and saw your name and the items you donated will not forget your contributions to our event.

“The committee members made sure that the registration room setup looked great and the day ran seamlessly because of it,” she said.

Lana Roman, Al Andrews, Linda Craven and Linda MacDonald organized and operated the rink kitchen.

“Breakfast was awesome” and “lunch was awesome,” were some of the comments made by riders. 

“We acknowledge the Village of Togo for supporting this event,” Burback said. “The mayor, council and citizens are always very supportive of the events planned by the Togo Centennial Committee, and all make their contributions toward making our community beautiful and welcoming.”