Prairie Soil Services acquires Canora and Yorkton CHS NH3 locations

Prairie Soil Services Ltd. of Norquay is proud to announce its expansion into the Canora and Yorkton NH3 anhydrous ammonia markets this fall with its purchase of the CHS locations and assets, located 4.5 miles north of Canora on Highway No. 9 and 10 miles east of Yorkton on Highway No.16, by Rokeby.

“At Prairie Soils, we’re excited to bring our renowned full-service NH3 advantage to these markets and show just how easy, efficient and cost-effective applying NH3 as your nitrogen source can be on your farm,” commented Parker Summers, president and general manager of the Norquay based ag-retailer.

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Customers can anticipate an increased level of service due to Prairie Soils’ vertically-integrated supply and logistics, including its extensive fleet of highway transports, field delivery, and long list of nurse tanks and applicators.

“NH3 has been core to our business since 1983 and has grown and evolved to service the needs of the farms today,” explained Summers. “The acquisition of the CHS sites was a natural expansion of our NH3 service offering and our business.”

Past CHS customers will find it effortless to transition their FCC and Scotia credit lines to Prairie Soils in preparation for the fall NH3 season, Summers said.

About Prairie Soil Services Ltd.

Prairie Soil Services Ltd. was born from the sale of Hudye Soil Services Inc. to two Saskatchewan investment funds, SaskWorks Venture Fund and Apex II, managed by PFM Capital of Regina in March of 2015. The full-service ag retailer has retail locations at Norquay, Kamsack and Sturgis as well as satellite NH3 sites now servicing Canora and Yorkton and is well known for its annual Field of Dreams Crop Tour, The Canola King Challenge and The Helping Feed the World initiative.

Building on the 30 plus years of success in the ag-retail market, Prairie Soils continues to bring its high-value approach to the marketplace, offering full-service NH3 anhydrous ammonia, custom dry fertilizer blends, seed, chemicals, micronutrients, custom application and custom grain hauling. It also offers agronomy services, advice and support from an award-winning European agronomy team, grain marketing support and insight and third party credit and financial guidance.