Farming? There’s an App for that

Are you finding there isn’t enough time to get it all done in a day? Technology today is making it easier and less stressful to multitask. Smartphones are changing the way farmers do business. You can now bring your office with you. With your smartphone you now have visibility into the company’s finances, access to important documents, a more effective method of communication, and the ability to track many different parts of your operation.

There are many apps a farm manager may find useful. To name a few: online banking apps, apps that work in conjunction with Farm Credit Canada software, an app for livestock producers called CFXpro and Farm at Hand that allows you to track your production. These apps will allow farmers to be more productive and efficient in the way they manage their operation.

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Online banking has become more and more popular over the last several years and now most banks have smartphone apps. The apps will allow you to deposit cheques, pay bills, transfer between accounts, manage your payees and complete e-transfers. You no longer have to go into the bank to complete your daily transactions or wait to log on to a computer; you can complete these transactions on the go.

Farm Credit Canada has created smartphone apps that compliment some of its software programs. Ag-Expert Mobile works in tandem with AgExpert analyst software. This app will allow you to take a picture of app will help to minimize lost receipts. Also, transactions will be recorded in a timely manner, which will keep your financial statements current.

Livestock producers can access information to aid in the decision of marketing cattle from an app called CFXpro. The features of this app include breakeven calculators, price projections based on market info and access to futures market. This app is available to iPhone and Blackberry users at no charge. Visit your app store and search CFXpro to start using it today.

Farm at Hand is an app that allows you to track many parts of your farming operation. You can create a detailed fields list and log all your activities from seeding to harvest. This allows you to keep up-to-date production records. You can also track your commodities from storage to contracts to deliveries. You can also create a detailed equipment list. The list would include serial numbers, a parts log and a maintenance log. Never be stuck without a part number or serial number. This app allows you to have information about your operation at your fingertips.

There is an app for almost anything. You will find a wide variety at the following sites:,, and To find more agriculture apps visit your app store and search agriculture. There are apps for weed identification, monitoring equipment, grain storage tracking, mix tank calculators and many more. You will be surprised by all the results.